Tuesday's Tunes - "Feeling Ok"

I recently stumbled upon Best Coast and I think I am in love. A local indie band from neighboring Glendale, they have the perfect blend of pop and edge. I am particularly excited about their upcoming album "California Nights" (out May 4th). If the tracks they have released so far are any indication, I can pretty much guarantee that it will be my summer soundtrack. The strongest, and my favorite so far, is "Feeling Ok". I have been playing this song on a loop since 6am this morning, with no end in sight. 

I took my own advice for once
I gave it up, I gave it up
I know someday I'll find it
Where I least expect it

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Weekly Wishes #6

Well, it has been a couple weeks since my last Weekly Wish and things have been busy with a capital B. I took a solo European vacation and then took Ben to Spring Training. Somewhere in between, I caught a nasty bronchial infection. I've only just started feeling better so this week's goals are going to be kinda light.

But I've got big plans for this month overall. Nothing like being sick and glued to the couch to make you itch to do more. I also always get antsy after traveling, like why aren't I doing more of THAT? So I've got my eye on my next vacation already and I've even started wondering if it isn't time to start branching out in a couple of other new directions. But more on that later....

Let's take a look at how I did on my last set of goals:
  1. Do not spend money on lunch. I TOTALLY rocked this! I have made this a challenge each week since, even without posting it here. I did notice that I tend to fall off the wagon when folks invite me out to lunch. It's very hard for me to NOT be social, even if it means spending money I don't have. 
  2. Make an eyebrow appointment.  DONE! The BFF's cousin Monica is a SUPER talented makeup artist and eyebrow goddess. I placed my furry caterpillars in her hands and am SO happy with the results. You can check out some of her work here. If you are in the area, you should definitely check her out! 
  3. Publish two blog posts. Done and done! It felt really good to hit PUBLISH on those - looking forward to more this week.
    Speaking of this week, I am setting MUCH smaller goals. Like itsy bitsy teeny tiny ones. And let's see if I can't crush my little ant goals. My wishes for this week are:
    1. Finish sprucing up the backyard furniture. I am DETERMINED to utilize my backyard this summer and that means the backyard furniture needs to be cleaned and oiled. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I started the project over the weekend and wow! It's kinda embarrassing how bad I let that furniture get. But, you gotta start from where you are, right? This weekend will be dedicated to finishing the furniture so we can move onto getting the rest of the yard summer-ready.
    2. Meditate daily. This actually folds into my larger month goal to meditate every day in April. So far, I have meditated every morning for the last week and it feels really good. I have been following along with Oprah and Deepak's latest meditation experience. Anyone else trying that?
    3. Publish three blog posts. Just building on the momentum of my last goal. It's been an eventful few weeks so I don't think this one will give me any trouble.
    So that's what my week is focused on. What about you? What are the things you are conquering this week?

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    Mom Guilt? Not This Time.

    This morning I said good-bye to my son for the next two weeks. He's off to his dad's while I go on vacation. A grown-ups only vacation to Europe. A vacation that I am SO GODDAMN excited about I've been buzzing for the last 2 months.

    It's a vacation I need and deserve and have saved and planned for and yet, my heart broke watching him walk into the schoolyard.

    In the past, I have struggled with guilt about leaving him or doing things for myself. But this time it's not that. Instead, I realized that I am going to miss him as a person. I enjoy spending time with my son and hearing about his day and listening to him make up songs. He's just a cool dude. And I am going to miss him.
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    ABCs Of Me: Then & Now

    This past week, I went through my DRAFT folder to see if there were any posts that I could take another stab at. I came across this ABC About Me post and can't for the life of me remember why I never posted it. I thought it would be interesting to post now, with a comparison to the person I was when I created this 4 years ago.

    {A}  Age: 34

    {B}  Bed size: Queen 
    Same bed. How often am I supposed to replace a mattress? I can never remember. I'm probably just sleeping on a mound of dust mites at this point. Also, ewww.

    {C}  Chore you hate: Putting away laundry. I can wash it & fold it, but it nevers seems to actually get put away.
    Still not a fan, but this has been replaced by dishes. I don't have a dishwasher and I have been trying to stay on top of it and wash them before bed but I dread it and drag my feet every night. I miss having a dishwasher.

    {D}  Dogs: The adoption of Jake (the epileptic, titanium-hipped wonder dog) is almost complete., it turns out I'm not a big dog fan. I've tried. But I just have no interest. I never did warm to Jake and there hasn't been a day since the break up that I've missed that dog. Whenever I have dated someone with a dog, I have tried. But I'm not crazy about them. Or maybe I'm not crazy about untrained dogs. Oh, and if you are on a dating site and one of your pictures is of a dog licking your face, that's a no. I practically dry-heave when I see that.

    {E}  Essential start to your day: Coffee & snuggles
    Snuggles have been replaced by exercise but the coffee remains. The coffee will always remain.

    {F}  Favorite color: Purple
    Still love purple, I mean how often does your favorite color change?

    {G}  Gold or silver: I used to be all silver, all the time, but I'm adding more gold in these days. Sometimes, I go crazy and mix them.
    Still crazy. Still mixing gold and silver.

    {H}  Height: 5’8”
    My doctor tried to tell me I was 5'7", but I'm not having that. I'm 5'8" dammit.

    {I}  Instruments you play: None.
    Still completely untalented when it comes to musical instruments.

    {J}  Job title: Executive Assistant
    Thank god this has changed. I thought I was going to be stuck in Executive Assistant purgatory forever. That's dramatic, yes. But sometimes when you are pigeon-holed as one thing in a company, it's hard to break out of that. Thankfully, I am in a new position that helps shape digital strategies for one of the best entertainment companies in the world.

    {K}  Kids: 1 amazing son
    Still just the one.

    {L}  Live: Los Angeles, CA
    Haven't moved. I can't imagine living anywhere else at this point in my life. Especially when I see footage of the record snowfall back East this winter.

    {M}  Mom’s name: Kelley (aka SMK)
    Yeah, this still hasn't changed, either.

    {N}  Nicknames: Liz, Lizbeth, Lizzie (very few people get away with that one), Mama, Lizard, Lemon. I also get called babe a lot since everyone in my family calls each other "babe". Bubba has even started using it. The other night, he said "Hey babe, wanna play LIFE with me?"
    Aww, I totally forgot about that incident of B calling me "babe". How funny. I am so glad I wrote that down.

    {O}  Overnight hospital stays: One, when I had Bubba.
    Thankfully, that is still the only time.

    {P}  Pet peeve:
    I had left this blank and I am not sure why. My pet peeve is lying. Always has been, always will be. 

    {Q}  Quote from a movie: 
    I had left this one blank as well. Maybe there were too many to list. I always come back to "There's no crying in baseball" (A League of Their Own) and "Have fun storming the castle!" (The Princess Bride).

    {R}  Right or left handed: Left handed.
    Still a southpaw.

    {S}  Siblings: One younger sister, two younger brothers.
    Haven't gotten any new siblings that I am aware of.

    {T}  Time you wake up: Typically about 7:00am on weekdays. But with P90X, it's been 5.50am.  A horrible terrible time.
    Ugh. P90X - that was the worst. I hated that program. It made me lose my boobs and I remember thinking it would be fun to work out with my (then) boyfriend. That was a mistake. 
    As for sleep, I hit the snooze button way too many times most mornings. But I can usually drag myself out of bed around 6:45am.

    {U}  Underwear: Usually. ;)
    Heh. Yeah, still wearing underwear.

    {V}  Vegetables you dislike: Overcooked zucchini.
    I'm standing by overcooked zucchini. Otherwise, I love vegetables.

    {W}  What makes you run late:  Ummmm, being a mom? I'm also still recovering from the move and haven't quite found my rhythm in the mornings. Or evenings.
    Poor planning. And procrastinating. 

    {X}  X-Rays you’ve had: Besides my teeth, I think I was x-rayed when I dislocated my shoulder when I was about 3 or 4.
    No new X-rays. Thankfully.

    {Y}  Yummy food you make: Cake pops. Who knew crumbled up cake mixed with frosting & dipped in chocolate could be so easy and wonderful??
    If you ask B, I am a wonderful cook. His favorites are chili and grilled cheese. Last night, I made chocolate chip cookies in a cup and he nearly lost his mind. I love that he is so appreciative of my cooking efforts, even when they are super easy.

    {Z}  Zoo- favorite animal: I've always had a thing for giraffes.
    Hmmm, does this mean my favorite animal in a zoo or in general? I don't think I even have a favorite animal. OH WAIT! This is my favorite animal.

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    Weekly Wishes #5

    This week felt like a giant failure all around. I didn't accomplish any one of my goals and with every day that I didn't do them, I felt like a giant letdown to myself. Each night, I would tell myself that I'd be better tomorrow. Each morning, I found a reason to put it off. Now, another week is gone by and I'm beating myself up for not doing the things I said I would. This is a fun cycle, no? Oy.

    Here's the rundown:
    1. Track macros. Nope. Well, I did it for 2 days and then stopped. I'm not even sure why I stopped. I didn't eat poorly, so it's not that I was feeling bad about what I ate. I just got very resentful about doing it.
    2. Get out of my head. Still there. Still in my head. I meditated more this week and did feel better overall. But my overall anxiety is still in residency and I think it contributed to me getting sick this week. I am anxious about money, work, upcoming trips, wrinkles, you name it and I am probably stressing about it.
    3. Publish three blog posts. Another nope. I had no idea what to write about. I feel like I used to be more interesting. Or that all the things I want to say have been said by people far funnier and more eloquent than I. Oh, did I mention I am still in my head? Because yeah.
      This week, I am setting MUCH smaller goals. Like itsy bitsy teeny tiny ones. And let's see if I can't crush my little ant goals. My wishes for this week are:
      1. Do not spend money on lunch. I spend a lot of money on eating out and the biggest culprit is lunch. And the kicker is that I usually wind up getting a sandwich (THAT I COULD MAKE AT HOME) from the commissary. I am not even going to a nice restaurant. This week, I am  not spending any money on lunch. I am either bringing a lunch, going to a catered meeting or using a Jedi mind trick to get someone to pick up the tab. Let's see, I was home sick yesterday (homemade soup) and had a catered lunch meeting today. So far, so good...
      2. Make an eyebrow appointment.  These babies are look like fat caterpillars and it's time to do something about them. I am going to a new person this time and I am a little scared. I'm very wary about people doing my eyebrows so I have been dreading making the appointment. But this morning I noticed that my eyebrow hairs are almost on my eyelid and I can't have that. Making the appointment STAT.
      3. Publish two blog posts. I am not letting this wish beat me. I have a kid-free weekend this week so I am determined to dust off some draft posts, finish and post them. Anxiety, be damned!
      So that's what my week is focused on. What about you? What are the things you are conquering this week?

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      The Nectar Collective
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      Weekly Wishes #4

      So last week was a bit crazy and I wound up skipping Weekly Wishes. It was one of those weeks that while you are in the middle of it,  it feels like there is so much going on but when I look back on it now, I can barely think of one or two things that happened. We had a school talent show (my boy killed it!) and family gatherings and Beyonce dance class - it wound up being a blur.

      I carried over my goals from the previous week and just kept working on those. Here's the rundown:
      1. Workout four days this week. I did this and felt really good. I am not nearly as strong as I was a couple of months ago, but it felt good to get back at it.
      2. Go to bed before midnight five nights this week. DONE! Since my single "GO TO BED!"alarm at 10pm wasn't doing the trick, I added a couple more. At 9pm, I have a reminder to clean up. This gives me time to do the dishes, wash my face, brush my teeth, straighten up the house before my 9:30pm alarm goes off. That alarm is to prod me to meditate and stretch so that I'm sleepy by the time my bedtime alarm goes off and the lights go out. It's kinda ridiculous that I need to do this to myself, but it's working so I'm stopping.
      3. Gratitude Journal.  I didn't do this every night, but I did do it most nights. Definitely keeping that up.
      For the short-term, it's all about self-care. My wishes for this week were:
      1. Track macros. Now that I am back to a more regular exercise routine, it's time to focus on my food. I use MyFitnessPal to track my meals and macros and it's so damn easy. I'm aiming for about 150 grams of protein a day - that's always the hardest one to hit. I can eat carbs all day long!
      2. Get out of my head.  I have been very anxious as of late and I need to quiet my mind. This week I'll be focusing on meditating, reading, and just breathing in and out in order to stop the hamster wheel from spinning in my brain.
      3. Publish three blog posts. Can't call this a blog if I don't actually blog, so this week I am committing to three posts (in addition to this one). 
      So that's what my week is focused on. What about you? What are the things you are conquering this week?

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      Weekly Wishes #3 - February

      I spent the first part of this week anxious about writing and submitting my Blogcademy submission, then excited and nervous once I clicked PUBLISH, then disappointment and general funkiness when I found out that I was not picked for the LA workshop scholarship.

      But there is only so long you can stay down. I still got shit done this week. Here's the rundown:
      1. File taxes. DONE! Although I realized afterward that Mercury is still in retrograde so maybe I should have waited until after February 11th to file. Here's hoping I don't get audited!
      2. Finalize European Vacation. Not quite done with this one. I did meet up with a friend to pick her brain about Dublin and driving through Ireland. She recommend some cute coastal towns to check out and I've booked hotels all over Ireland. I also did some research on St. Patrick's Day in Dublin and wow! I thought New Yorkers knew how to do St. Patty's right. Seems Dublin is THE place to be on March 17th. I may need to add an extra day in there just to recover.
      3. Submit Blogcademy Scholarship Post.  I posted my submission and was really proud of it. Unfortunately, I wasn't picked for a scholarship. Womp womp. On the bright side (& there always is one) it got me thinking about what I want for this space and I'm excited about what 2015 holds for The Juggle.
      So it's a brand new month AND a brand new week. Let's go big picture and look at this month's goals:
      1. Stay on budget.  I've been using You Need A Budget (or YNAB for short) for the last couple of months and I feel like I'm starting to really get the hang of it. I haven't had a perfect month yet but I'm close. I've got my sights set on February for my first perfect month. 
      2. Finish my book. I'm still plugging away at my LBJ book, but I'm not moving on until I'm finished. I've picked "Yes Please" by Amy Poehler for my second book of 2015 and it's one I am VERY excited about! I'm using that as my carrot to finish book one. 
      3. Complete 2 small house projects. To stay on track with my resolutions, I will need to complete two projects in February. 
      For the short-term, it's all about self-care. My wishes for this week were:
      1. Workout four days this week. After being on a pretty strict workout schedule for the last three months, I have fallen off my workout wagon. This week I am back on it. I am hoping it helps with goal #2.
      2. Go to bed before midnight five nights this week. I have an alarm set on my phone for 10pm to remind me to go to bed. The lights in my living room are programmed to go off at 10:30pm And yet I am still up until after midnight almost every night. Between puttering around the house, reading, watching TV or trolling Pinterest, I just don't get to bed at a normal hour. This week, I am putting myself to bed earlier. 
      3. Gratitude Journal. After I found out I didn't get the Blogcademy scholarship I was in a bit of a funk this past weekend. This week I am focusing on the good in my life and not what I perceive to be missing. Each night before I go to bed, I am writing down five things I am grateful for.
      So that's what my week is focused on. What about you? What are the things you are conquering this week?

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