What is it with Bubba lately?

I can wake up, happy as a clam, spring in my step - all those ridiculous cliches - but as soon as I walk into his room, ready to spread my good cheer, I am greeted with a grumpy face and whines of "No say dat, Mama!" or "What you have?" (his oh-so-polite way of asking what are his breakfast options).

Lately, he has really been testing me, especially in the mornings. Oh wait, not true. The evenings are trying as well. He will demand a certain pacifier (yes, he still sleeps with one - I'm not alone!) and if you don't fetch him a cup of water "with ONE ice cube, Mama!", all hell breaks loose.

I'm trying to use all the tricks - staying calm, making a game out of the mundane (Woo HOO! Yeah, let's run around the coffee table 2 more times before we put on the other sock!) but I am running out of patience. The other night I told him "You're going to miss me when I go on my trip".

He just smiled slyly at me and went about his business of dumping toys around the living room. Like he knows that I am going to miss him SOOOOO much more than he'll be missing me.

London, Paris & Prague - oh my! I am earning this vacation.


Lindsay said...

it's like demons have possessed them suddenly and wow, it's trying!

Bad Mummy said...

I'm finding that age 3 is much harder than 2.

I'd hate to say it, but this is just the beginning. IT seems to only get worse.

littlemansmom said...

This made me laugh so much! Only because you reminded me on me! LOL....I still get greeted with a grump in the morning....littleman is just not a morning person. So, I let it slide...for long as it's short lived. By the time ge gets breakfast he's learned to keep the grump to himself...or mommie is grumpy (and that is soooooooooooooooo much worse! LOL)

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