Wiped Clean

In true Murphy's Law fashion, I lost just about everything when I updated my iPhone last week.  Did I call that or what?

Contacts, passwords, photos.


I was smart enough to manually save my photos, but everything else was lost.

When I contemplated the update, my main worry was over the photos. The fear of losing them was the main reason I put off updating my phone for so long.

Yet, it's the texts I mourned this week.

Most contacts can be re-synced; passwords re-entered. But the texts cannot be recreated. They are completely gone. 

Every text I sent or received over the last two years. Records of entire relationships erased.

The butterflies before a first date, shared with a close friend.
The fears after the first fight, shared with that same friend.
The make-up.
The break-up.

Birth announcements of friends and family members. Those adorable first pictures from the hospital.

The back-&-forth with a cop who pulled me over and gave me his number instead of a ticket.

The "thank you" text from a girl I met as I walked to a party. She was walking home from a bad date. How bad? He didn't even offer to walk her home! So I invited her to the party I was going to and we had a blast.

I am not an overly sentimental person, but I liked having those texts there to flip back through. To relive happy times. To cry over sad ones.

Perhaps it is a good thing to start with a clean slate. No more living in the past. But I still can't shake the feeling that a little piece of my personal history is gone.

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