5 for Friday: Goyte and a Baby Goat

I know I am late to the party but I am OBSESSED with this video. And not just a mild obsession mind you. No, I am talking listening to it on a loop for HOURS. That's pretty standard for when I fall in love with a song, but I usually knock it off after a day or so. Not the case with this dittie. No sir, I have been listening to this on repeat for about a week. 

Confession: I'm listening to it right now.
"Somebody That I Used To Know" by: Goyte (featuring Kimbra)

After listening/watching it 54878765161947 times, I decided to see what else Kimbra had to offer. I found this video and was ecstatic. So now I just go back and forth between those two songs. I just found out that she will be opening up for Foster The People when they play LA this summer. Also on the bill is Mayer Hawthorne, who puts on an incredible show.  Who has two thumbs and can't wait for that show? THIS GAL.

"Settle Down" by: Kimbra

I have been trying to put myself to bed earlier the last few nights, but it's not working. Whenever I start feeling tired and think "Ok, time for bed!" I get all rebellious (against MYSELF) and start thinking "What?! I'm not even tired! You're not the boss of me!" and then I wind up getting this weird second wind and then I am up until 1am. Cut to the next morning when I feel like shit. I really need to start following this advice. And stop being such a brat.

Have you heard of T-Rex Trying? It's amazing and hilarious and heartbreaking and I just love it. This one in particular had me laughing so hard I nearly peed my pants.

Also? I want a baby goat.

Happy Friday, lovelies!


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